How To Clean Solid Kitchen Wood Worktop

Cleaning is seldom listed as anybody’s most preferred undertaking, but it is nonetheless a vital part of our daily own lives and nowhere more than at the kitchen. If it comes to preventing issues like food poisoning and hygiene related problems, a fresh worktop is a really significant part the general picture. Numerous items cause food poisoning and related difficulties, including bad hand hygiene and lack of regard for how food ought to be ready.

Dirty worktops are way more frequent a problem than you would imagine. As per a report from the Mail online lately the”Typical kitchen worktop isn’t any cleaner than toilet seats”. This seems horrible and hopeless, however, the report goes on to say that”85 percent of people bathrooms were cleaner than national food prep areas”. Frightening though this could be, it sets the scene to the record that highlights the necessity to check beyond clear dirt we could see with our eyes if asserting we’ve got a clean house.

The suggested cleaning procedure to decrease the danger of disease would be to wash your kitchen worktops frequently with a disinfectant that can kill the germs that builds up during food prep. An excellent, natural disinfectant, that will not damage your solid wood worktop, supposing it’s been well oiled and also you do not over-concentrate the alternative, can be produced out of easy store cupboard ingredients. All you have to do is place 2 cups of water, half a cup of white vinegar and a tablespoon of washing up liquid into a spray bottle and apply a light misting of this remedy to your worktop. When you have completed this, then wipe off the solution with a moist cloth and wash the worktop thoroughly. A process as straightforward as this may make the difference between a fresh worktop and a health-hazard.

An very important factor in the overall hygiene of your wood worktop is both its first and its regular therapy. Although you’re likely to execute the disinfectant process many times every day, oiling treatments need to be performed both at the start and on a regular basis. Before fitting, so as to make wooden worktops resistant to stains and easier to clean, they have to be treated with a protective acrylic. In deciding upon an oil to your worktop, if you would like to prepare food straight on its surface, it’s essential that you select a food-safe oil.

A critical thing to remember when oiling your worktop isn’t to use vegetable or olive oil. Treating your worktop with these oils is a really bad idea, especially if you’re intending to use your worktop right for food prep. The reason for this is that both of these oils efficiently”rust” in the timber and cause a build up of bacteria, potentially producing your worktop unsafe for food preparation.

When it comes to ongoing maintenance and cleaning of your worktop, to make it safe for food preparation, a regularly oiled (treated with food-safe oil) will give you a safe and easy to clean finish.


shutterstock_115909489You finally have decided that rugs are no more something that interests you. You want something that can add a texture of sheen and smoothness for your flooring. You want wooden flooring for your home, given it is not just growing in popularity but also a traditional selection for most. When buying wooden flooring nevertheless there are a number of things which you need to take care of. If you choose hardwood floors which proves to be something that entirely contrasts your house in terms of style, then your selection has failed.

Wooden flooring requires your consideration these 3 factors

When picking hardwood floors for your home, keep these points in mind because these are what determine the ideal selection for your floors.

DIY for wooden flooring may not be the best option: If given the choice between DIY (do it yourself) and getting it fixed by a professional, there are those who believe DIY is a good choice. They presume they will be spending on the wooden flooring bargain should they do themselves. The sad part is they spend so much on wooden flooring and eventually there are mistakes and errors that arise in the floor layout. So it’s much better to have your wooden floors fixed by a professional rather than doing it all yourself.

Not all hardwood floors is the same: Be very careful while choosing. It’s advisable to first have a long look at the various varieties. What may provide you a superb choice of style might not give you functionality and durability. This is extremely crucial to think about.

Last, choose the kind of wood which is more like your personality and matches the personality of the house overall. For instance, if you prefer plain layouts then go for hardwood floors that is not as knotty.

Your wooden flooring will last longer and are also of a great operational advantage to you over the years. Additionally, it keeps dust mites and other unwanted elements out, which may enter via other options of flooring layout.

Types Of Oak Flooring

Oak_Epoca_Castle_0010_CMYK_300dpi.jpegOak is a wood that is recognised, pretty much globally because of its strength and hardness. A tree that takes tens of years to grow and grow and, if left uncut can endure for centuries, it’s easy to see why the wood generated from this shrub is so widely used in flooring and furnishing. Hailing most commonly in the European nations or America, walnut as a raw material is graded if it’s lumbered, according to its look.

When you’re choosing your oak flooring, whether or not you want or want engineered or solid wood flooring, the choice of oak grade is vital. Prime grade oak ends in a quite clean, consistent looking flooring, as a result of the simple fact that it has real color uniformity and not many knots, which can be small in addition to small sap. As you move down the grading scale, you will find more knots that increase in size as you move from prime to rustic, as well as greater colour variation and more sap. This doesn’t mean however that the caliber reduces whatsoever; it just means that the look will be different. If you’re not certain which grade of bamboo floor might suit you best, you will no doubt find this article helpful.

Once oak was rated into one of the four classes, it generally then goes off to be fabricated into either floor or supplying, in which time it actually begins its new lifestyle. As we have mentioned, bamboo normally hails from Europe or America and even though both continents have their own pros and cons in regards to this raw material, there’s not any getting away from the fact that in the UK we’ve got a propensity to hanker after European walnut before American oak only as it has not travelled half way throughout the world to achieve its destination. So this is just another component of your bamboo floor decision-making procedure which you have to take into consideration.

To be able that will assist you decide whether European or American walnut flooring could be the ideal alternative for you, here is an guide we published some time ago American Oak Flooring In comparison to Western Oak Flooring. Within this guide, you will realize there is no wrong or right solution to this choice and unless you’re searching for a really mild, white colored oak that isn’t located in Europe, there is in fact no fantastic argument for demanding something which has left a massive carbon footprint in its aftermath.

Among the biggest decisions you are most likely to face when picking your bamboo floor is if you’ll plump for engineered bamboo floors or solid walnut flooring. This is where you want to be very careful. A lot of men and women make the mistake of engineered timber floors with laminate floors , however they are chalk and cheese. To be able to place this into context, you will find laminate floors choices available on the marketplace which are barely more than photocopies of timber which were stuck on planks and coated with a protective coating. Engineered wood floors on the other hand consists of combined wood products which function to make a solid and secure center plank, where a good walnut lamella or surface is put on. It’s this solid walnut top layer that produces engineered timber flooring seem so like wood.

Although engineered hardwood floors looks and feels like real wood floors, it’s the massive benefit of being suitable for installation in rooms at the house where there are considerable humidity and temperature changes. Add to this, the very simple fact that engineered timber flooring may be fitted under floor heating and you also begin to see why this flooring option is so popular nowadays.

The last thing you will want to decide on is your end to your bamboo floor. Depending upon Your household’s footfall and your desired appearance, at Guildford Floor Sanding We’ve got everything from solid and efficient UV lacquered Oak flooring to natural appearing brushed and oiled options, with a host of whitewashed appearance choices in between. In reality, when it comes to forms of walnut flooring we’re proud to say that we have something to suit every taste and every budget.

Yellow Balau Decking Will Transform Your Outdoors

^16626D591EA2F5B5ECB4F11E25CCE4CB1730187DE5D0491F67^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrAt the time of year, we are doing what we can to devote the most amount of time possible outside. And the excellent news is, making the most of your backyard is simple with a deck. Permitting you to boost your indoor, outdoor living and entertaining area, in addition to taking your backyard to a completely new degree, the perfect deck, with the ideal preparation is going to be a fantastic, long term investment.

However, which decking option will work better for you?

Yellow balau decking is a fantastic way to alter your outdoors. An inexpensive hardwood, yellow balau is similar in many ways to teak, which of course has become the quintessential decking wood because decks appeared on the scene.

What about yellow balau that makes it special is that it is an entirely natural product that has a high oil content, just like teak. This high oil content makes it naturally resistant to the likes of intense weather, bugs and damage from warping or twisting. A really dense wood, you are going to see it used regularly in all sorts of outdoor furnishings and decoration. An extremely affordable option to boot, if you decide on yellow balau for your decking you’ll get years of enjoyment from the transformed outdoors space without having to bankrupt yourself in the procedure.

Here are just some Tips to make yellow balau work for you:

Yellow balau to transform small outdoor spaces

The great thing about yellow balau is that it’s light, and creates an illusion of space. This means is you don’t need an acre and a half of lawn to seem as though you have more space than you have.

When you opt for this decking alternative, even the tiniest of terraces, gardens or balconies will choose a whole new look. Even doing simple things such as altering the management of the decking boards, you can achieve a look of even more space. For instance, along a narrow space, you can run the boards length ways along the long side of your space, instead of along the short side, creating a real eye tricking look.

Thereafter, choosing furnishings which are in proportion with the magnitude of your decking space is a great way to make sure that you don’t make mistakes, but adding a couple of over-sized items can do the job very well also. Therefore, if you have a small space and really want to make the most of it, why not get creative and see what you could achieve?

Yellow balau to add a real focal point to large outdoor spaces

Equally if you have a huge backyard, yellow balau is a great option. If you are fortunate enough to have a swimming pool, then this decking alternative will provide you a great environment at which you can unwind and have fun without worrying about damage from splashes.

Alternately, if you want to add extra space to entertain, the ideal means to do this is to bring a yellow balau deck to choose either your kitchen or your own lounge outdoors. Planning your decking this manner will not consume too much of your garden but will give you a great deal of bang for the buck when it comes to entertaining and relaxing space. No matter whether you allow your kitchen or your lounge to spill outside in the form of a deck, you will suddenly feel a real sense of freedom and space, for a relatively modest investment.

These are merely a few of the reasons why an increasing number of people are becoming creative with decks.

Good furnishing ideas when you choose yellow balau

Outdoor furnishing comes in an entire array of styles these days and for even the most modest of funds you can make a real style statement. You could choose to go designer chic with plastics or steels or keep the yellow balau motif in your furniture. In any event, you know you can create a big impact without investing a fortune.


Unfinished Oak Engineered Wood Flooring – For Complete Control, Look And Finish

unfinished-hardwood-floorIf you have an engineered wood flooring project on your agenda, you’re almost sure to be acquainted with all the terminology that goes with all the decisions you’re facing. You will undoubtedly have come to terms with items like wood species, quality, complete, board thickness and thickness. Some of those terms are self-explanatory and most are easily known. One that often gets people a bit confused though is all of the different endings you can choose from. Conditions like oiled, brushed, hardwax oiled, lacquered, smoked and white oiled can be challenging to get your head around in the event that you’re new to them.

At the end of the day, everybody would like to know they’ve picked the right species and grade of timber for their funding and their job, but the greatest thing in many people’s minds is how their new floor will look. And this is where the end plays a huge part. There are hundreds of finishes to select from and this is great news for people who have the creativity to see in their mind’s eye how the floor they pick will look when it’s in place. Nevertheless, this is sometimes overwhelming for others who struggle to create that visual link.

It is because of this that an increasing number of people are choosing unfinished boards. By picking unfinished walnut engineered timber flooring, you can postpone your complete decision till you are able to realize your flooring in situ. When there are enormous advantages in picking pre-finished hardwood flooring, for men and women that wish to control the last look after they have seen the flooring in place there’s nothing that defeats unfinished walnut engineered timber flooring.

In FLOOR SANDING  GUILDFORD we make it a priority to have a fantastic assortment of unfinished walnut engineered timber flooring in stock therefore that people who wish to postpone the finishing of the flooring until after it’s been fitted are not jeopardized.

Here are Merely Some of our favorites:

Bright and light

This pick engineered walnut brushed and unfinished flooring is a stunning alternative if xrhino-style-moyen-wood-effect-vinylIs-vinyl-flooring-a-stylish-option-for-a-living-room-open-plan-kitchen-living-room-flooringyou’d like the peace of mind of never needing to pick your finish until you put your flooring. In just a bit over #33 per square meter, it is also a deal. Since it’s been brushed, the grain of this timber was opened to show its natural beauty. This indicates is that you obtain an entirely pure hardwood flooring which you may complete off in whatever fashion you would like once it’s in place, without the fear of creating the wrong choice.

Natural and hot

This prime engineered bamboo floor that has been remodeled and brushed has the exact same practical advantages as the flooring above but comes from its normal condition in a very warm, honey color, which matches up perfectly with both contemporary or traditional settings. Even though you might decide to stain this flooring darker or just shield it with a transparent lacquer or acrylic as soon as you see it set up, you are aware you have a gorgeous foundation to begin from. Suited for setup throughout the house, this flooring is presently on offer at only under #40, and it can be a complete bargain.

Eye-catchingly Various

If you’d like something eye-catchingly different without needing to make your finish choices ahead of installation, then this prime engineered oak floors in a chevron pattern that’s been brushed and left unfinished is ideal. Chevron and herringbone flooring are part of the parquet household of timber flooring and are utilized in glamorous castles and stately homes for centuries. Consequently, if you would like to add some real pizzazz to your house, this floor is very likely to be just up your street.

So there you have it, a great selection of unfinished flooring that you can finish at your leisure, in the comfort of your own house. You might also seal them once they have been laid so they are completely protected. Working this way means that you obtain all your boxes ticked without any worry.

If you want to chat through your wood flooring project using an expert that is as passionate about your job as you are, why not get in contact? At FLOOR SANDING GUILDFORD we’ve got a lot of ideas ready to share with folks like you, and you will never know, we might just produce a solution you hadn’t even considered!

Veneer Oak Flooring For Wider Choice Of Tones, Finishes And Sizes

Norske Oak Mezza 1-Strip by Oak Flooring Direct main-800x800Veneer oak flooring is a wood flooring option that more and more people are choosing. This sort of flooring is often referred to as engineered wood flooring too. You are sure to have noticed it about. In fact, much of the floors you see in restaurants, stores and hotels, as well as in houses is veneer or engineered timber floors. It gets the title veneer due to its top layer of solid walnut , and should not be confused with laminate floors which isn’t wood flooring in any way.

So why is veneer oak flooring so common? Why has it overtaken solid wood flooring in so many different conditions? The answer is simple — it’s because it is so flexible, more secure and it comes from this huge variety of shades, finishes and board dimensions.

Veneer oak flooring, including solid hardwood floors flooring can be used throughout the entire home. From the likes of kitchens and bathrooms, solid walnut flooring wouldn’t normally be recommended, simply because it contracts and expands so much. What this signifies is when your bathroom or kitchen gets hot and steamy, your solid oak floor expands, then when it cools down again, it contracts. While a certain quantity of expansion and contraction isn’t a significant problem, excessive humidity and moisture fluctuations can result in unsightly gaps in your flooring and even to harm due to the boards squeezing too much. With veneer oak flooring, you simply don’t have that worry.

In FLOOR SANDING GUILDFORD we have over 100 engineered oak floor options in stock and ready to deliver so that you may get your project under way. We’ve got everything from purest white to jet black, and each of the tones you can imagine in between. In addition, we have lacquered, oiled, brushed and vintage. If it comes to board sizes, with widths ranging from 90 to 250mm, you really will be spoilt for choice.

Here are Merely Some of the more peculiar choices we have in stock today:

These hot honey colored engineered walnut stained is most likely the closest you will get 1469972_711419852204047_288342752_nto what everybody has in their mind while you say old bamboo floor. The smoking process the timber has gone makes this flooring marginally darker than unsmoked walnut and brings out all of the detail from the timber. A perfect solution if you’re searching for something traditional, however using a clean, contemporary feel to this flooring may be utilised in each room in the house and continues to be repainted and brushed so it’s a very natural feel for it.

These light natural engineered oak flooring are also click method, meaning not only does it look fantastic, it’s a whole breeze to match too. The white oil cleaning procedure usually means the wood is lightened in color overall, but more than the blossoms become really prominent and make you just need to reach out and touch . Yet again, you can match this in almost any area, in addition to over under floor heating, therefore when it comes to flexibility and good looks, you really have everything here.

And if you would like a dark veneer alternative, this natural engineered oak dark Paloma that is brushed and UV oiled is stunning. A relatively new flooring in our group, we love this one and also have customers using it in every room in the home to great effect.

So, hopefully you can now see why veneer oak floors is indeed remarkably common. And if you want to navigate our complete inventory, you’ll find it here. But remember, in Wood and Beyond we’re here for you, so if you require help to create the ideal selection for your job, all you have to do is ask.




contemporary-engineered-wood-flooringGone are the times when customers used to choose carpets to decorate their houses and pay for the floors. Hardwood flooring is now, among the most frequently used wooden floors. They’re easy to maintain and can also be incredibly durable in character. Moreover, they are eco-friendly products and therefore are more appealing than the standard rugs.

Clients select hardwood flooring for its beautiful look and texture. Installing a hardwood floor is a viable option to provide a fresh appearance to your house. Following the installation process, your hardwood floors will require sanding and finishing coats. However, this will prevent the need for any further repairs and installations. The same does not apply to the rugs. Carpets have a tendency to get soiled and worn out after continual usage. They collect large quantities of dust particles and other spots. This produces an unfavorable impression on the guests. On the other hand, hardwood flooring is easy to clean and maintain. It prevents the onset of stains and even stubborn stains can be removed easily from the surface.

As mentioned before, hardwood floors is also durable in nature and can be a one-time investment.

It’s also cost-efficient and affordable. Hardwood flooring doesn’t collect dust particles and thus offers a wonderful advantage to anyone with allergies. Doctors usually recommend their patients to avoid the use of carpets to stay free of allergies.

Hardwood flooring is also available in many different varieties. Install modern and stylish hardwood flooring and really improve the appearance of your home.


Snimki (9)

When it comes to redecorating a room, there are occasions when you really should think carefully about starting again as it may be more problem to attempt to save a few of the fittings and fixtures already in place. On such occasions it will probably cost you a good deal more to restore what’s currently there.

However, there are also times when your existing décor is not too poor and your floor is certainly far from being beyond repair, so you may wish to get this once-stunning flooring brought back to the way it was when you first got it.

This can now be achieved by considering an expert service where your hardwood flooring is sanded and sanded for you. By opting to have the floorboards preserved this way, you can make sure they will be restored to their former glory and will surely last for a long time to come.

No more will they be seen as dull and unattractive, since it will look just like you have just fitted a new flooring in the room instead. And in the event that you truly do decide you need to have a state of the art floor fitted instead of restoring the old one, those specialists can offer a variety of suitable flooring options for your home.

Transform your home as you start with your wooden floors!

When you are thinking about restoration in your office,house or apartment maybe one of the first think you think about is flooring! Most of our clients know how transforming is to change, paint or sand your old shabby wooden floors, and this is way they became our clients.

A very natural material like wood is not easy to be kept in prime condition, but here our company appear with years of experience, modern technique and great experts. We have renovated many wooden and other types of floors by the years and we are proud with our customers’s smiles! You can give us a FREE call to discuss your project! Our skilled experts work with pleasure at wooden floor business and they really know how to achieve the floor vision of your dreams!

Our company  provide customers with a services as covering all aspects of sanding,gap filling, painting and everything your floor needs! Contact us or visit our website and learn more!