How To Clean Solid Kitchen Wood Worktop

Cleaning is seldom listed as anybody’s most preferred undertaking, but it is nonetheless a vital part of our daily own lives and nowhere more than at the kitchen. If it comes to preventing issues like food poisoning and hygiene related problems, a fresh worktop is a really significant part the general picture. Numerous items cause food poisoning and related difficulties, including bad hand hygiene and lack of regard for how food ought to be ready.

Dirty worktops are way more frequent a problem than you would imagine. As per a report from the Mail online lately the”Typical kitchen worktop isn’t any cleaner than toilet seats”. This seems horrible and hopeless, however, the report goes on to say that”85 percent of people bathrooms were cleaner than national food prep areas”. Frightening though this could be, it sets the scene to the record that highlights the necessity to check beyond clear dirt we could see with our eyes if asserting we’ve got a clean house.

The suggested cleaning procedure to decrease the danger of disease would be to wash your kitchen worktops frequently with a disinfectant that can kill the germs that builds up during food prep. An excellent, natural disinfectant, that will not damage your solid wood worktop, supposing it’s been well oiled and also you do not over-concentrate the alternative, can be produced out of easy store cupboard ingredients. All you have to do is place 2 cups of water, half a cup of white vinegar and a tablespoon of washing up liquid into a spray bottle and apply a light misting of this remedy to your worktop. When you have completed this, then wipe off the solution with a moist cloth and wash the worktop thoroughly. A process as straightforward as this may make the difference between a fresh worktop and a health-hazard.

An very important factor in the overall hygiene of your wood worktop is both its first and its regular therapy. Although you’re likely to execute the disinfectant process many times every day, oiling treatments need to be performed both at the start and on a regular basis. Before fitting, so as to make wooden worktops resistant to stains and easier to clean, they have to be treated with a protective acrylic. In deciding upon an oil to your worktop, if you would like to prepare food straight on its surface, it’s essential that you select a food-safe oil.

A critical thing to remember when oiling your worktop isn’t to use vegetable or olive oil. Treating your worktop with these oils is a really bad idea, especially if you’re intending to use your worktop right for food prep. The reason for this is that both of these oils efficiently”rust” in the timber and cause a build up of bacteria, potentially producing your worktop unsafe for food preparation.

When it comes to ongoing maintenance and cleaning of your worktop, to make it safe for food preparation, a regularly oiled (treated with food-safe oil) will give you a safe and easy to clean finish.

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